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Matcha Resource Center

Caffeine In Matcha


Caffeine in Matcha

Find out about the caffeine in matcha. How much caffeine does matcha contain? What is its function and how does it compare to coffee and energy drinks?


Theanine in Matcha

The L-Theanine amino acid is a very beneficial compound found in matcha. L-Theanine is responsible for improved mental and physical health along with other benefits such as reduced blood pressure.

Theanine In Matcha
Energy in Matcha


Energy in Matcha

Find out how L-Theanine and caffeine combine in matcha to make it an energy promoting substance. How is matcha a superior alternative to coffee and energy drinks and how does it improve cognitive ability.


MetaMatcha Sustainability Efforts

MetaMatcha is committed to promoting sustainability efforts in developing countries that lack the resources to adequately provide nutritious and healthy food.

Organic Matcha


Organic Matcha vs Non-Organic Matcha

How does organic matcha compare to non-organic matcha and what is the difference in appearance and taste?


How Does Green Tea Help Prevent Hair Loss?

Read the research article which cites 3 factors found in green tea that can help prevent hair loss.

Green Tea Hair Loss