Matcha Green Tea | Highest Quality Matcha Tea By MetaMatcha
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MetaMatcha uses more Matcha than any other drink on the market, providing an abundant source of antioxidants, amino acids, and caffeine.

While Matcha is typically served in 1-2 gram servings and advertised as a less caffeinated coffee with relaxation properties, MetaMatcha uses 3 grams of Matcha which provides enough caffeine (more than an espresso shot) to actually feel the synergistic effects of the L-Theanine calming effects and energizing caffeine. Naturally 12 months shelf stable outside of the refrigerator (no acids used for preservation), low in calories, and uniquely flavored, MetaMatcha contains a superior combination of function and taste.

Matcha Green Tea


Provides an overall green tea taste with a subtle blend of apple cider vinegar, ginger, and lemon.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Shown to have detox properties, lower blood sugar levels, and provide other beneficial effects on the body, we put just enough in each bottle to provide the health benefits without sacrificing the overall integrity of the other flavors.

Ginger: Provides a slight kick of flavor while having positive effects for digestion and nausea.

Lemon Juice: Just a touch to balance flavor.


Primary flavor of Meyer Lemon with supporting flavor of cucumber and slight Matcha undertone. This is our take on a lemon tea and a great option for those new to Matcha. Some aficionados have been known to combine with Gin during the weekend.

Meyer Lemon Juice: Provides a refreshing combination of the sweetness of an orange with the sour of a lemon, with high levels of Vitamin C.
Cucumber Juice: Balances the grassy Matcha taste, while supporting the Meyer Lemon.
Basil: Improves the aromatics of the overall blend and supports the aftertaste of the Matcha.
Monkfruit: 200X the sweetness as sugar, Monkfruit is an all natural sweetener derived from the duo han guy fruit, that adds no additional calories.


Light and refreshing watermelon flavor combined with strawberry and a touch of lime, this flavor is perfect for the summer, and approachable for people who want the function from Matcha but do not usually like green tea.

Watermelon Juice:Strongest aroma that hits the tongue with thirst quenching flavor and some added vitamin C benefits.

Strawberry Puree:Adds some tartness and sweetness as the clear secondary flavor, countering much of the bitterness of the Matcha.

Organic Amber Honey:Provides sweetness (but not too sweet) making this flavor taste less grassy and like a light juice.

Lime Juice:Just a little to balance flavor and PH to allow for extended shelf life
Vanilla: Subtle but effective in rounding out flavor.