About - Meta Matcha
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Our mission is to provide a beverage that unlocks the energy within, elevating us to a state of mental clarity and self-discovery. We strive to make the Matcha lifestyle available to everyone.

Our vision is that Matcha soon emerges as a viable coffee alternative and that people use the energy of Matcha to better their lives. Just as the consumption of thousands of MetaMatcha formulas has lead to the creation and growth of MetaMatcha, we want MetaMatcha to be the vessel to allow others to optimize the functionality of their lives and to exceed their potential.

Matcha Drinks


In the summer of 2014 I entered a local tea shop as an avid coffee and energy drink consumer, highly skeptical of tea’s ability to provide enough energy to fuel my day.

One compelling sales pitch later, I was drinking my first cup of Matcha with a solo cup and fork (avoiding the traditional time-consuming preparation with a bamboo whisk and special bowl). Although I did not really enjoy the bitter/grassy taste of Matcha, I was intrigued by the potential energy it could provide. After two cups my body felt energized but not overwhelmed.

My mind was focused, yet relaxed. I was so intrigued by Matcha that I began to research the health benefits and history of this mystical green tea. I squeezed some lemon into my next cup to improve the taste and tried to find a bottled Matcha drink that I could add to my diet to fuel my on-the-go lifestyle. When I was unable to find a bottled Matcha drink to replace my daily coffee habit, I realized the opportunity to reintroduce Japanese Matcha to the taste pallet of health conscious Americans like myself.

Alex Brass | MetaMatcha Founder